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Over 200,000 hotels with over 17MM rooms around the world are working on ways to connect with guests with more advanced technology.

Henry Harteveldt
Mobile ubiquity. “Drop the expectation that we have offline and online customers,” counselled travel industry analyst Henry Harteveldt at HTNG’s 2016 North American Conference in March. Harteveldt, a former Forrester analyst, recently founded Atmosphere Research

Group www.atmosphereresearch.com and is arguably one of the world’s most sought-after travel industry advisors. “Mobile has produced a permanent sense of immediacy. It’s changing forever how our guests interact with us and how they expect us to interact with them.”

Travel Suppliers

Thousands of travel suppliers who provide the experiences guest count on to make their experience more enjoyable and engaging.  iVeew has an open platform merchandising travel suppliers into one centralized system that aggregates over 70,000 bookable suppliers.  

Adding the Merchandising Platform from iVeew enables hotels and other companies to book these adventures, activities and event providers on a geo-targeted basis from the hotel booking engine integration to a white- labeled site associated with the hotel to a mobile web page for storing guest preferences.


Working with individual airlines and air alliances, iVeew and Guestext can provide solutions for traveler engagement, pre-travel, during and post-travel, enriching the experiences of the traveler and improving overall traveler satisfaction.

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